Forestry Consultant and Texas Real Estate Brokerage

Timber Management

Timber Management Plan Preparation



Timber management plans act as a guideline for managing your forest resource by:

  • describing the current conditions,
  • identifying landowners’ goals for their forest,
  • describing what management activities are to be employed to accomplish the landowner’s goals, and
  • to address/describe other aspects of land and timber management such as:  water, wildlife, soils, etc.

Timber management plans are a mandatory aspect of maintaining property tax exemptions and for qualifying your property to be a  certified “Tree Farm”.

Timber Sales


 Marking and Administering timber sales involves:  

  • identifying the timber to be harvested,  
  • soliciting bids or buyers for the timber,  
  • contract or deed preparation, and  
  • monitoring the logging operations to ensure compliance with the timber conveyance

Timber Estimation and Valuation


Timber estimation and valuation are most often accomplished by implementation of a timber cruise, which is a sampling of your forest resource and is done to estimate timber volumes and values.  Timber cruises are used to:

  • establish your “timber basis” for tax/accounting purposes,
  • estimate the value of your timber resource,
  • identify and map stand types, and
  • help in making management decisions (when to harvest, what to harvest, what to expect)